answer to your question...

I have been trainign for the last 2 weeks and I'm feeling better and so I will be fighting on a pro boxing card in Calgary on Octobr 15th as the main event.

I have spoken with TKO about this fight and Mr.Patry understands that I would not have been in fight shape for the 25th. He has encouraged me to fight on the 15th and asures me that TKO would like to have me out on another date.

I hope this answeres any questions you may have had about why I could fight on the 15thof October and not the 25th of September.

Thanks for your support and I'll see you in Calgary.

To all the fighters in TKO and at the Rumble this weekend, fight hard, train harder.


Right on , Jason . Glad to hear you are feeling better.

Are you still fighting Chad Sawyer on the 15th?

Brad Cardinal

Pardon me giantsilvafan,

would that be directed towards me or are you just speaking in general?

If your just speaking in general, then perhaps you could start your own thread and discuss it. I question why I would be singled out.

Brad, how are things?

Unfortunatly Chad was involved in a car accident and has suffered some serious injuries. I'm not sure if he will get back into any combative sports any time soon. I wish the best for him and his recovery. I told the promter that I would fight as the hometown fighter that night since Chad won't be able to represent. Your in Calgary so you might hear some news. Are you gonna be out on the 2nd, see you there.


Things are going well . Thats too bad about Chad , I wish him the best as well . I will be competing on the 2nd , so I'll see you there . I'll have to get some info from you about the boxing match , and we'll pull a crew together to come check it out .

Also , I read that you got your purple , congrats, man!

See you on the 2nd,


good to hear you are feeling better. It's unfortunate about Chad, I would love to you see that fight. Oh, well maybe another time. I hope Chad has a speedy recovery as well.

yo beernight, email me ya number again pls, i messed with my hotmail.