Anthony Joshua steams along.....

He's really looking a bit special.

He demolished Kevin Johnson in 2 rounds - and should have had it stopped in the 1st....

Hopefully they start stepping him up soon.

I believe he will be world champ

He's really got all the tools to be a star.

I hope the public starts paying attention to him soon. He's comfortably below the radar at the moment still.

Johnson was a good test I thought - he'd never been stopped before that fight. Phone Post 3.0

He went the distance with Vitali, though that was 6 years ago

I am not convinced by early blow outs anymore , especially by someone like Johnson to this stage of his career. I used to think fixed fights were mostly for the movies but after reading a few articles posted here by martinburke have me thinking they are surprisingly common

he looks the part. but so did wilder agaisnt that level of opposition. fury vs klit and then the winner against wilder. should take a year or so for the dust to settle, by then he should have enough experience to challenge who ever emerges from those fights

He does look special. Best of the young heavyweights by far. However I can't shake the suspicion that he is on PEDs which, if true, would ruin it for me.

If he wasn't on PEDs I would be shocked , same way I would be if Klit wasn't

I don't think any top athlete in any sport is clean

He's looked like that since he was a kid, to be fair.

As a brit, in our defence, I think we should get at least some benefit of the doubt when it comes to unsubstantiated PED rumours.

For the most part, it's just not really part of our sporting culture. Of course there are exceptions to this rule. Phone Post 3.0

He can certainly punch.