Anthony pettis

He reminds me of the sort of fighter I used to create on the ufc video game. Good punches, good stamina, lightning fast, lots of flashy techniques, great bbj and good takedown defence.... Think I might have to play ea ufc after the main event Phone Post 3.0


Fuck Phone Post 3.0

Awesome Phone Post 3.0

use extra hand cream tonight, could get rough

Is going to end the Khabib hype train if Khabib ever makes it to a title fight. Just a matter of whether Khabib gets finished standing or on the ground.

He's really really scary good Phone Post 3.0

Don't use hand cream. Like it rough ha jokes... He's a beast Phone Post 3.0


Wow, dude is the most exciting fighter out there...

Soo what about the bluebelt submitting the black belt? Pettis' subs are sick

We need to add "completely jacked" to the equation. Biggest I've ever seen him. Phone Post 3.0

dude may have the best eyes in the sport.

post fight speech was class. I don't hate him anymore.

I thought Gil would win, but I do like Pettis. Hope he takes the belt to his father's grave like he did before.

inf0 - vu
Thanks dude Phone Post 3.0

If he gets great TDD I don't see him getting beat. Khabib is the only one to beat him Phone Post 3.0

DAVID H - Wow, dude is the most exciting fighter out there...
He's definitely top 3 Phone Post 3.0

That man is the truth. Nothing else to say. Phone Post 3.0