Anti-Canada Night???

Was it just me, or did anyone else feel a little like there was an America vs. Canada feud going on? Matt Hughes made the ignorant comment saying that it's a bad thing to lose to a Canadian. Tito as well pounded (?) his flags into the ground in front of Cote. Meanwhile, Our fav commentators were doing what seemed to me like damage control. I agree that Tito did say that Canadians are tough, but what makes us different than Brazilians, or Japanese? Sometimes I shake my head and wonder what goes on in the heads of some people.

Yeah man, Hughes was smirking when he was saying that stuff, no big deal.

i was all for it.

As soon as Ontario legalizes MMA then we'll see a lot more Canucks in the UFC.

Yeah, a little WWF smack talk. US vs. Canada. Matt Hughes trained for this fight. He knows ol' St. Pierre is a can of whupass. But, so is Hughes. Good fight between too great, respectable fighters who do MMA proud. Cote, thumbs up. Salaverry, I know he's a transplant, but holy shit! John Candy is dead. Sleep safe tonite, Canada.