Anton Geesink quote

"The Japanese have devoted themselves to the study of
Judo for competition only. They have gone to
extraordinary lengths to develop winning contestants
and fine champions. I, on the other hand, have never
trained for competition in my life. All I have ever
done is trained in Judo as a way of life, exactly as
Dr. Kano taught. While the Japanese were devising
competitive strategies and competition techniques, I
was in the Dojo practising Basics and Kata. I defeated
the Japanese because I know Judo better than the
Japanese. The secret is to train all day, every day in
the basics. This will make you unbeatable."

Olympic and World Judo Champion.

Good quote.


He really said that? Wow!

"Kata is good... but not for Judo" - Hayward Nishioka

I met Anton when I was working security for the 2002 Olympics. He set off the metal detector and I was supposed to "wand" him. But when I saw his name badge, I waved him through and shook his hand. Instead of leaving, however, he seemed happy to be recognized and wanted to talk Judo and pose for photos. He even retrieved two of his Judo books from his room, and gave them to my friend, whom he'd just met, signed "to my Judo friend".

Great guy, and great embassador for Judo.

Don't you mean 2000 Olympics?

No, 2002, here in Salt Lake City. As a member of the International Olympic Committee, Geesink attends all Olympic games, both winter and summer.

Ah okay.