Antonio Carvalho

He was such a great fighter.  Awesome fight with Jeff Curran at one of our shows.  He gave up a pro soccer contract to compete in MMA back when there was no money in it.  He's originally from Toronto where he trained with Shah Franco, but he moved to Japan about 2 years ago and has been living there ever since.

I've been trying to get in touch with him via email... anyone know any more on him?  I'd really love to bring him back from Japan to fight for us again.

If anyone is in touch with him, have him email me.  Thanks guys.

Eric Moon


He's back in Canada Eric. I believe he is fighting for Cage Force but they cancelled his last fight as his opponent sustained a last minute injury. Shooto have expressed interest in having him back as well.He's training at Bruckmann's Martial Arts.

I dropped him a line Eric.

I thought he's gone back to Japan already, was only supposed to be here for a bit.

 He's back at Bruckmann's?  Are you sure?  I just talked to Bruckmann 2 weeks ago.  He's the one who gave me the email address.  Anyhoo, probably going to bring Boland down from Bruckmann's camp & if Antonio is back in Toronto, that saves me a plane ticket from Japan.  hope he's available.

c-hamzeh: yeah, I think he went back.

He's participating in the Cage Force featherweight tournament so he will likely be tied up for most of the year.  First round fight was supposed to be in April, but his opponent got injured at the last minute so now they will fight in June instead.

Not sure when the later rounds are scheduled for.

I've been a big fan of his since i was a little kid at kiichi sai.

I recently heard he made old man Mad Max shit his pants without resorting to violence or any threats of violence.

That was awesome!!!

I'm planning a visit to Japan before i die. Hopefully i'll get to see him fight over there.

 who's old man max?  Is that Max Marin?  What is that guy doing now?

Some old guy. It happened like 10 years ago or something.


Loved the fight with Takaya. Hes got alot of heart.


 Hey Guys... I corrected the link, but my dumb ass accidentally put my email as when it SHOULD have been  Help me find Antonio "el Pato" Carvalho!

 Antonio posts on the Canadian forum, you may have better luck getting in touch with him if you create a thread there?