Any 45 year old fighters out there

Im 40 and just fought Nick Serra two months ago and fighting in three weeks at 170

Not an active fighter. Sidelined from BJJ right now too (shoulder). But I'm 45, 5'10" and 155lbs. I haven't ruled out giving it another shot.

My student John Incledon is 45 years old and won his March fight in Extreme Trials!

TTT for a Kirik vs Rundle Supermatch.

I am 49 but have not fought yet. I plan on it when I turn 50. Kinda a benchmark for me to do this at 50. Will fight at 155lb.

And yes i am in better shape year round (cardio and strength) than pro fighters at 25-30.

joe kennis is 68 and in great shape he has a fight in springfield missouri next month at 240lb!


I look young? Man, Varner looks like he is 28. I have my 30th hs reunion tonight and tomorrow, so we'll see how I look compared to the rest?

isnt severn like almost 60 now?

52 and spar, roll, and do conditioning w/everyone 5 days per wk in the gym. Not fighting competitively, but show me the $ and we'll talk. 6" 1" and 165 walking around. The cut to 55 wouldn't be too difficult.



In Minnesota we've got Ross Ogden who is 43 fights at 205 and is now 4-0

Ladd3434--funny huh? I chuckle at the younger guys that are scared but want to say they fight mma soooooo bad. You can see the inner conflict start as soon as you say " oh you are gonna fight? Lets roll some jitz with hits and see what ya got" I wouldn't say "pussies" but when I started at 40 I just wasn't scared of the other fighter cause he was only 23 yrs old. I was just scared of looking like shit compared to him. When that didn't happen the first couple of fights I knew I could compete. I was in better physical shape than most. ANd I can hit as hard as anybody. Im 45 I got little to lose when I fight so they better be careful. lol

i am 42 and i fight @ 170, but have fought at 185 and 205 in the past. i may have a couple more fights coming up. tryin to get on cards again as well as tryin to get my cardio where it needs to be again. my pro record is 10-0, i fight in mostly smaller shows just for the fun of it, i aint lookin to be best fighter in the world.

I am 42.5 and still train hard- last fight at 38 and I am currently retired from competition but still enjoy training and coaching/rolling/sparring with younger guys that actively compete. I may try some more BJJ-sub grappling tournies before black in BJJ in the next couple of years. My main goal now is to stay healthy and have fun.


Warfrog has clothes older than me that he still wears.

And I'm almost 35!

ttt for warfrog!

Brian Conrad trains with us and is 43 I believe. Had his first fight less than a year ago and is currently 3-0.

My dad has started in the last couple months talking about wanting to fight for his 50th birthday in March. He started training and running. He is about 6 feet tall and went from 210 down to 175 and pretty solid. Guy will be a terror if he actually fights.


My Dad is 70 yrs old and just got his BJJ Blue a few months ago. He still trains standup and is pretty solid to roll with. He trains in the Oklahoma panhandle with a bunch of OK highway patrolmen. Slick huh?

43 yrs.