Any Amateur Female MMA Fighters?

I am looking for a few female MMA Fighters to compete in my next show called Athens Extreme Fight Night IV to be held at the Athens Arena in Athens Georgia on Friday May 5th. It would be great if I could find a 135lb. or 160lb. female that could drive to Georgia, but if its the right fit, I will fly the team in. Both of the opponents are new to MMA (0-0) but are willing and able to "throw down"

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The fight wioll be sanctioned, insured and shown on my website at

Lane Collyer


ttt for women's mma

I guess there are none out there!


I've got a girl that is 2-0 that could do the 160lb fight. We're not within driving distance of Georgia though. You can contact me at




OK-Now I am looking for a 135 lb. novice MMA Female.

would you fly in from winnipeg canada?

Please email me at

Lane Collyer


Too bad that there are'nt more females competing in MMA. What's up?