Any aspiring Actors out there?

Just saw this on Craig's List about a MMA film they filming in Miami, Florida...

CASTING MARTIAL ARTS MOVIE - Male, Female Leads, Supporting and Extras

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Date: 2006-05-17, 12:12PM EDT

'Cavalcare La Tigre' an independent movie about ultimate fighting and cage fighting;
Shot in the Miami area in June and July 2006;

Actors / male / lead and supporting / age mid 20s to 50s
We are looking for actors with strong fighting skills and professional fighters with some acting skills.
All ethnic backgrounds are welcome!

I am not connected with this project, but I thought it would be cool for some underground fighters to be in it.


thanks for the info

hopefully i will have a naked cameo with a hot chick

I could have been an actor...

wistful sigh

I coulda been a contender!!!