Any BJJ BB schools in Montgomery, Alabama?

My brother is looking for one. He's in the Air Force and wants to train from a good Black Belt.



I guess Nada?


Yes. Check out Montgomery martial arts. It's an affiliate of ours. The head instructor is just a purple belt, but they have some good guys out there.

Our head gym is ran by 3rd degree black belt under Carlos machado, Johnny Lee Smith. Some may remember him from wmac Masters. Johnny also lived with rickson for a while before having to train with Carlos because rickson got so busy.

Anyways check them out. They Just changed their name. Used to be gorilla fitness I believe. Phone Post 3.0

Pretty sure there is a gracie Barra in pelham Alabama who has a bb instructor, but that's the closest to Montgomery. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks everyone

Let me kknow if anyone here trains there