Any BJJ in Aruba?

Yes I have gone on Google and cannot locate a dam thing. I know its vacation but training is going good and do not want to stop. Also need to work off the food and drink. Any help is appreciated- Thanks

There are a couple brothers who have a school there:

Van Der Sloot BJJ.

I'd check it out.


Is Joran a black belt now?

hughes915 - Is Joran a black belt now?

I believe so.

He's a good dude.

Balance Studios (Migliarese Bros.) have an affiliate there i believe.

scroll to the bottom of the page on their site. there's a phone number there.

could contact balance directly and get the scoop.

could also go to and ask the guys there. you'll get more info as a lot of balance folks frequent that site.

Maybe so, but the Van Der Sloot's are well-known and respected, all over the island.

I heard Joran has a great rape choke...

WRESTLENOW - I heard Joran has a great rape choke...

.... Oh, I get it, I see what you are doing.

You --who have never met him-- are going to bring up some OLD, unproven allegations on a public forum. Great.

Real classy, bro.

All I know is VanDerSloot BJJ works hard to promote BJJ on the island.

If haters are gonna hate, so be it.

traneufcisback -  shen,
I don't think it is funny to joke about him or even bring up his name on this fourm especially with what he was involved with.

Who's joking...?

I'm giving information about where to train BJJ with the Van Der Sloot's (Aruba Top Team/ Van Der Sloot BJJ)

I'm not the one talking crap about some UNPROVEN nonsense.

All that is just a bunch of noise to me anyway.

The Van Der Sloot boys are my heart and all they have ever been to me are bros.

Haters can hate, but I'm gonna rep my boys at VDS BJJ 4 EVA!!!

--On the real though: Don't leave any female family member alone with Joran or Sebastian.

Seriously. That would be just nuts.

Empire - Thanks * To all who think making fun in referance to a Killer who murdered two innocent girls = Poor Taste

^^ ALLEGEDLY (for one of them).