Any BJJ in Charleston,WV????

What is the BJJ scene like in Charleston,West Virginia?
I will be there for a few days next week and would like to check out some other schools and roll.

check out www.advancedbkj. com were apart of the Royce Graice network.

Is this the only one in Charleston?

Igor Gracie will be doing a seminar in the area this month.


Renzo Gracie Association

email Johnny Walls at he lives in Charleston.

Dan, we don't run a school anymore but we have a room at the Y where we box/grapple and give private fighting lessons. Unfortunately we won't be doing anything for the next couple weeks as my brother just had a baby (Congrats Jason!). But send me an email and we'll hook up in the future. You'll love rolling with my brother, he's a wizard on the mat.

Check out Advanced, I think they are open almost everyday, or you can drive another 45 minutes and hit Ground Zero.


I just moved from Huntington, WV!

But, I can let the guys know you are coming in, and they would be more than happy to give you some free mat time and train. Several are getting ready for a MMA show on May 29th, so that woudl give you some bodies to play with. You have seen our guys grappler & fight, so you know they could give you a good place to train. Plus, they too are Little guys...kidding:-)

If you need more info, go to:

or just give me a call and I will answer what ever:


But, if you cant make the drive, Butch Hiles does have a group there in South Charleston.


Dustin Ware

yeah, we train every day... Box, kickbox, jiu-jitsu, etc.Usually, from 6PM -10PM Monday - Sunday (Ocassionally the fighters run on the weekends instead of training).We also have 6 of our affiliate gyms near us.If you need anything, just let me know:advancedbkj@yahoo.comwww.advancedbkj.comBTW- John, the Kangaroo is gone :)edited for spelling

BTw- you can talk to me at the KY show, if you want.

We have 4 guys fighting on the card



Hey Butch...

Email me when you get a chance. Just wanting to get the last details
finalized for Igor. You guys are going to love him!


Renzo Gracie Association/ECJJF

WOW!! Sounds like West Virginia has it going on! I will be in touch with all you guys. Sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

Thanks again,

will do...

I am heading to work now, so if you don't get something from me, just email me and I will hit you back as soon as I get home


I was going to email you soon anyway so I will try to make sure to do that today.

He will be in on the 31st

My parents still live in Charleston. I'll be sure to stop in to Advanced next time that I'm in town.



since we are talking about WV as a whole, don't forget Phil Davis in Morgantown. They have a great gym and just had a 16yr old girl win the women's blue belt division at the Pan Ams. They really know what they are doing there.

Aaron's crew in Milton is top notch too... They had multiple champions at the Arnold's this year and they are only about 30-40 mins from Charleston.

I'm 3 hours away from Charleston. Up here in Wheeling WV. I'm always willing to travel to get a good workout.