Any bjj in or around Holden Beach, NC?

I'm gonna be in Holden Beach week after next, and would like to train while I'm down there. Anyone know of a jiu jitsu school nearby?

Ha, I will be there in August.  I didn't see anything. I do know that MMAguy from the forums here has a school in Myrtle Beach which should be about 40 minutes or so from Holden.


There are 2 schools in Wilmington. Evolution MMa and nc3 athletics. Phone Post 3.0

Good surf there, once a year, on a good swell, with North winds. Ok maybe not good surf. But holden is definitely in b/w Myrtle and Wilmington, not much on the actual island.

Thanks for the info Rick and mmaguy. I'll hopefully see one/maybe both of you while I'm down there more question. Is open mat gi or nogi?

If you are traveling, I recommend seeing the school in myrtle and both in Wilmington. Spend a day at each one :). The websites for the Wilmington schools are: and Call either school and you will get to the same person. Phone Post 3.0

Sounds good. Again....thanks rick and mmaguy Phone Post