Any BJJ In Winnipeg?

What the hell is wrong with everyone in Winnipeg?!

Here is what you do: Sit on your GT snowracer with a weeks supply of food, a gas-mask and some rope. When one of your particularily massive mosquitos fly by you put a lasso around his ass and ride on out of that smelly town!! If any so called "grapplers" try and stop you, just say "I've got soap and shampoo! I'm not afraid to use it!". Let me know when you get to Ontario.

Damn, went the wrong way, ended up in Saskatchewan, and had to ride a Chinook home.

Yeah I noticed a wierd smell coming into Winnipeg. Even worse than Sask!


God, I miss those stinky, stinky bastards......I saw a mosquito in HK once, it freaked everyone out.

Know who smelled the worst?, that guy would go months without washing his gi....The green stripe up the back of the pants was like a badge of honor.....

Winnson, you HAVE been gone long. You should know that Adam has gone the longest without washing his gi.
That little shit hasn't washed his gi since he got it in Rio, 3 freaking years ago!

Stinky, stinky bastards, ALL OF YOU!!!!!!

hey guys first day at international was great except that the big boy was sick.Can't wait to get back and train on monday. Some of the moves they showed me today were of slight variation from those I know and can't wait to learn more. I wish to make a comment to all my former students that international has accepted us with open arms.. but watch out they can close in pretty fast for clock choke ;) They have made us feel at home and a great place to hang our Gi's. I hope that Rodrigo will agree having one bjj school in Winnipeg with us there can only benifit the jiu-jitsu comunity and am lookin forward to all the funky ass moves I'm gonna learn....can anyone say sweeping ulmaplata from back,
I knew you could.

Sheldon L'Abbee

You guys are all very seriously mistaken.

There are absolutely NO good BJJ guys in Winnipeg. It's all a myth, fabricated by a fat smelly Brazilian immigrant who thought he could fool all the stupid Gringos!! ha ha ha j/k... Rodrigo's REALLY not that smelly.


Not Lettuce, Winnipeg mosquitoes have the weight advantage.

It's not the weight, it's the technique!!

Rodrigo, agora quero ver voce vestir a camisa e levantar nosso nome com orgulho e sinceridade. Mantenha contato,


I have heard there is Brazilian JJ in the 'Peg and wanted to know a bit more about it like who the instructor is, belt rank, affiliation and wanted to know from the guys training there what they think?

I bet most Winnipeger's are inside right now due to the weather. Cool city IMO as I have always had fun there and know lots of cool guys from there (not to mention the high per capita hottie count).

What JKron said.


The school is at #2 Donald Street, if I remember correctly the phone number is 488-9856. I miss that place *sigh*....I moved to Hong Kong.

Cool, I am impressed. A black belt under Sylvio Bhering must be a bad ass (Not Lettuce: I think his tiger style is strong, and if Sensei Bhering is his shidoshi he must know the Dim Mak).

Next time I am there I am coming in to say hello and check it out (best friend moved back there so I come to the Peg a couple of times a year- fricking insects are seriously huge).

Winnipeg mosquito's could tap Ontario sparrows!


Unfortunately, there is no bjj in Winnipeg as of yet. However, there is an enormous Brazilian guy who practises 'dancing tiger' Kung-fu. For the best "crouching tiger hidden dragon" type stuff go talk to Mr. Mundruca (a.k.a. swan-over-calm-water).

P.S. If your bad at picking up sarcasm, I was kidding.