Any Comments From Diego Sanchez?

Haven't heard a peep from him in an interview or anything. Does anyone talked to him?

Haven't seen anything either. Last I heard he was listing himself as 20-0 on his myspace.

he insist that he didn't loose to Kos

"I was taking some shirtless photos with him yesterday. It's all good."

Seriously. They should start a photoshop thread where the objective is to try and make those pics not gay. That'd be a true test of photo editing skills.

Diego gave a couple of interviews (sorry, no links available). He came to terms with the loss and didn't give excuses. He also updated his MySpace website and other MMA website to show the loss. Looks like he's finally admitted it to himself.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

DragonWrath is correct.

Anyone know where interviews can be found?