Any Cung Le talk?

Any rumors of when and who he might fight any time soon?

I havent heard anything.

We need him back in the cage sooner than later.

yes.good call.

Winner of bisbing v belcher Phone Post 3.0

omar13 - Winner of bisbing v belcher Phone Post 3.0

Dis nigga cant(or wont)read...

Wouldn't mind seeing Le/Stann, but no I don't think he has anything lined up right now.

MysteriousNinjaFromMars - He should fight the winner of bisping/belcher.

I like this idea with the winner getting a title shot. Aside from Rockhold there is no one left at MW to contend for the title...unless I'm forgetting someone. Phone Post

Hes got a new movie coming out and been posting pr about it. Hasnt said anything about a next opponent though Phone Post

fapout - I think that Le is at the end of his career...does anyone know how many fights he has left on his contract? I'd like to see him fight Bisping as a last fight.

Its a shame we never got a 25yr old version of cung. Ill ask him on Facebook but dont envisage a response. I dont think he likes me much Phone Post

I went to the q and a last week in San Jo. He just had surgery and is taking it easy for awhile. Said he has no plans and the ufc don't have anything lined up but he is def gonna fight again. Phone Post