Any Difference Gracie and Machado?

Is there a difference between the training methods of Gracie Jujitsu and Machado Jujitsu? I ask this question because I live in NYC and it seems as if everyone trains at Renzo's school or one of his affiliates. On the other hands I don't hear too many people even mention the Machado school that is located in Manhattan. I just want to know why doesn't this school have as much popularity as Renzo's place?


Marcos Santos and Marcio, his brother, both Machado black belts run the NYC Machado school, they unfortunatly lost there school due to the events of 9-11. They are just getting back in order, i train under the Santos bros. out of an affiliate school, i can tell you they are very skilled guys. Marcos is a tremendous teacher and a great guy... there website is: So, really you cant go wrong, Renzo's guys speak for themselves...(awesome) But i do like and respect the Santos brothers... i don't know how much help all this is, but there you have it...

i got to spend some time hanging out with marcos when he came out to l.a. to stay with rigan for awhile after the 9/11 incident... i was also lucky enough to get to roll with him a couple of times... and while i am a lowly blue-belt so i may not be the greatest judge, i thought his jiu-jitsu was excellent, as was his teaching...

marcos is a really great guy and i'd have no problem suggesting someone train with him

i'm sure renzo's school and reputation speak for themselves, although i have no first-hand knowledge... seems like you'd do well picking either and it'd boil down to a personal preference kind of thing

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Machado's are more oriented toward sport Ju Jitsu competition, Gracies are more towards MMA.

That may have been true in the past of the Machado brothers themselves, but as they have trained their own Black Belts over the years some of these instructors currently lean more towards teaching MMA because they have strong backgrounds in kickboxing and ground-fighting with strikes.

Just guessing here, but I would think that it would be a pleasure to train with either of them. Aside from the events of 9/11, Renzo is probably also more popular because of his visibility in MMA. I've heard great things about the Machados and I have personal experience with the Gracies, although not in NYC.


I know you are not talking about Renzo. And I highly doubt that marcos gives away belts like water.

Therefore you are out of line.

Go fit your steam elsewhere.

Their last names is about it.

"Machado's are more oriented toward sport Ju Jitsu competition, Gracies are more towards MMA."

Actually, Rigan asked me to work on a "MachadoVT" (Machado Vale Tudo) logo for him...


Be nice everybody. They are all relatives who trained together as they all grew up in Brazil. One only has to look at the old pictures in the "The Gracie Way" book by Kid Peligro to see all their smiling faces together throughout their training years in Brazil and even in the early days in Los Angeles when they were all teaching out of a garage.

Mr. Henry, I suggest you get involved in some training and decide for yourself.

Renzo, Ryan, Ralph & all the Machado's are Gracie Barra Black belts. Everyone of them's game is a little different but they are all come from the same background.