any differences??

just a few thoughts about the randy vitor fight i Vitor a better all around striker than Pedro Rizzo? i don't think so i think he is a better puncher with more speed and power but not as tactful! that being said is Vitor going to be able to break the clinch of Randy and out slug him? again i dont think so my guess is tito had a better understanding of positioning and body control than vitor and was unable to control randy in the clinch. will Vitor be able to put randy on his back? again i dont see how he will be able to do that when fighters with much better wrestling skill than he has not been able too can vitor win the fight from his back? this i think is vitor's one chance at winning this fight. if he can get randy pushing the action from the gaurd or half gaurd and catch Randy with a quick submission he may win this.over all these two fighters are easily in my top 5 favorite fighters of all time. but i think Randy is a bad match up for anyone at 205lbs. i do think Vitor has a quick punch and stun chance to gain control of the fight or as stated above a sub from the bottom but i think randy can control his own actions and the actions of the other fighter too well to loss anytime soon at 2005.

But hasn't Vitor probably been working on his weaknesses, like putting someone on their back? I mean, after a fight, & the fighter has lost because of not being able to control a certain move, I'd think they would mainly work extra at accomplishing it, right?


true. however don't you think that randy is working on improving himself as well

"is Vitor a better all around striker than Pedro Rizzo? i don't think so i think he is a better puncher with more speed and power but not as tactful!"

He's a lot faster and sharper, but no way does he have more power. He's never put anybody out except John Hess, and he typically lands about 20 times more punches than Pedro. Vitor's victories are ref stoppages rather than KOs.

Yes,  I understand what your saying about Randy's training also, I'm sure he is working on his game plan but his game looks pretty solid if you think about his last fight, so will he push himself harder or just train with what he feels already confident with? Usually a fighter, let's say Vitor, who realizes what his weakness has been & what his opponents strengths are, say wrestling, he's hopefully spending alittle more time on that.

I was just thinking about swimmers who want to improve their times & beat their own records, will train almost excessively on their speed, knowing their stroke is not the problem, but their time..... see what I mean?

LOL, when I'm thinking it, it sounds pretty understandable, typing it out is different....... :)

no i understand that completely

but what i'm saying is Randy's game is to control the game. he will spend time on his back and training jiujitsu but he knows that if he gets into a jiujitsu fight with vitor he's more then likely gonna lose no matter how much he trains in that so why put a big bulk of his training time into it other than to just stay fresh with what he needs to know.

where as vitor has to train on his wrestlin to get randy on the mat. and he has to train on striking from the clinch.

Randy already trains hard in this and is improving in his strengths as vitor is strengthening his weakness

some interesting points from kempowrestler.

but still... anything can happen.

I agree, Vitor's best chance is a quick KO of Randy. If Randy can defend himself well standing I think he'll get the clinch and takedown and slowly gnp Vitor to a win.

Go Randy Go.

At this point in Vitor's career (comparatively young) even a couple years of specific training probably wouldn't be enough to overide Couture's lifetime of wrestling