Any East Coast tournaments May 10th?

There was a tournament in VA that I was prepping some guys for that got cancelled.  I would really like to still get them some competition experience on that weekend if possible.  Anyone know of any BJJ/Sub grappling tournaments going on May 10th on the East Coast?  We are located in Central PA, but are willing to drive a fair distance (Ohio, NJ, NY, VA, DE, etc.) to compete.   Thanks!



May 17 Columbia SC Ranked event

JRockwell, where are you located in central PA?

 State College, in the heart of Happy Valley. :)

Thanks for the reply - I was curious - I'm right outside HBG.


 naga in atlanta

Also checkout Jerry Mendez's show on June 7th:

Naga Nationals in Telfo said. But I typed it better.

on May 10th I am running a small beginner only (6 months experience and below) sub-grappling tourney in Bridgeville, DE. e-mail me and I can give you all the info. $45.00 entry fee.


Brad Pole

Thanks for the responses, guys - I would love to come to SC or GA for those excellent tournaments, but the distance would make that pretty hard at this point.

bcolflesh, who do you train with down there?  I have heard of a few gyms, but never looked any up to train.  My sister and her family are right in Camp Hill also, so I travel down that way every few months or so.

Brad, I will definitely email you, thanks!

I haven't trained since I moved here from NJ - 2 places look good to me:



I'm also in Camp Hill, so you should message me the next time you are in town.