Any events in June/July?


can someone please point me to the right website or person I could contact to find out if and when there are some shooto events in June or July as I'm hoping to visit Japan around then?


I don't know if things are scheduled quite yet...

If I find out something, I will post it.

This is what is listed for 2005 so far:

Janualy 29th - Kourakuen Hall, Tokyo

February 9th - Kitazawa Town Hall, Tokyo

March 11th - Kourakuen Hall, Tokyo

March 12th - Zepp Tokyo, Tokyo (women's show)

March 27th - Tsurumai Public Hall, Nagoya

May 4th - Kourakuen Hall, Tokyo

May 28th - Zepp Osaka, Osaka (women's show)

May 29th - Kitazawa Town Hall, Tokyo

July 3rd - Fukiage Hall, Nagoya

July 30th - Kourakuen Hall, Tokyo

August 13th - Zepp Nagoya, Nagoya (women's show)

September 23rd - Kourakuen Hall, Tokyo

November 6th - Kourakuen Hall, Tokyo


thanks very much!!! I'm trying to tie in a holiday with some MMA action while in Japan. Would you know how hard or easy it would be to buy tickets? Can I buy tickets in advance online?


I will find out...