Any fighters making a run at 2012 Olympics?

Anyone know of any MMA fighters who plan on making a run at the 2012 Olympics?

I know Kid Yamamoto put MMA on the back-burner to focus on trying to make the 2008 Olympic wrestling team. Anyone know if he plans to give it another shot?

GSP once mentioned making a run at the Olympics. I'd be very interested in seeing him make a go at it. Anyone heard or know anything more about this?

Ben Askren said, after his disappointing performance at the Olympics in 2008, that he wanted to have another go at it. Again, I'd be interested in hearing his thoughts on that now.

Daniel Cormier giving it another shot?

I'm less familiar with judoka in MMA, but what's the word with Satoshi Ishii? Was he barred from judo, or will we be seeing him at the Olympics in 2012?

I'd be interested in hearing any insight on these fighters or any additional MMA fighters who may be making a go at the Olympics. Thanks.

 Joe Warren said so when I interviewed him a while back.

Ishii isn't barred from judo. He just would rather focus on MMA.

Joe Warren



I train at Warren's place in Denver every week. This subject just came up last Wed. Joe will make a run for the 2012 team.. Trials start kind of soon

Well it seems that beyond Joe Warren, no one really has any idea.

I know there are a lot of guys here who do interviews and whatnot with fighters for various mediums, so to those that do, I'd like to see you guys start throwing this question in to potentially Olympic bound fighters.