Any Filipino Martial Artist's???


I was just wondering how many FMA there are on this Board?

Please include styles & anything else you'd like?

I'm just curious?

I'll Start,

I've been training in Modern Arnis for the past 4 yrs with Guro Scott VaDerzee in Lansing MI.
I particularly enjoy how the art combines all aspects of combat, Knife, Sword, Open hand, Grappling, throws, etc...& focuses on the Flowing of One into the other.

It has been the most enjoyable art i have found.
I hope i can always train in it & continue to grow as a human being.

Peace & harmony always

guro under ron balicki (dan inosanto's son in law)

so basically 2nd gen inosanto instructor - studied under dan for 3 years -

Hello ModernArnis,

I have been a practitioner of various Filipino Martial Arts for a long time now. Some of more recent training is in Sayoc Kali, AMOK!, Pekiti Tirsia(GT Gaje), Atienza Kali, and a small bit of Modern Arnis, but I have also met and trained with various instructors in arts that contain stick fighting curriculums as well. Close to 20 years ago, I started swinging sticks and sparring with friends, and students. Luckily more and more material has come out in both print, and video. Finally with the advent of the internet students of the FMA can converse world wide, to share and grow together.

Train Hard, it is the Way!

Guro Steve L.

unlike some of the illustrious members of this forum (especially the 2 which posted above:-) i'm but a beginner and mainly train along with vids and in the park with 2 partners. on/off training due to school/work/family. my training has been inconsistent and has not amounted to much (yet). for now family is taking precedence.

i use the concepts of Dog Brothers Martial Arts. i like most MA in general and keep an open mind.

I've been studying Modern Arnis for almost 2 years now. My instructor studied under Hoch Hochiem (sp?) and Grandmaster Remy.

I enjoy the art very much, especially its diversification and application against almost any fighting style.

sled dog - is a charte rmember of Dog bros -

very high ranking in pekiti under tuhon gaje - and i think tuhon mcgrath - guro under dan inosanto as well

I have even less instruction and experience than Stickgrappler in that I have no training. I have never been able to find any motivated friends who enjoy fighting with weapons (with the exception of firearms).

In two months, I will begin training in Pekiti Tersia in Hurst, Texas. The instructor in Hurst is under Tim Waid (sorry, do not know his formal title).


escrima, trained under greg nelson. Greg is certified under guru dan. Train with my brothers now.

What is the AMOK style of Arnis like? Is it similar to the Pekiti Tersia knife stuff?

Bob,if you haven't check outhttp://www.knifefighting.comthat should be the AMOK site.

is that filipino based? probably is but i just want to be positive. Thanks

Hello Bob,

Check our Prof. Sotis's website, it does contain a good amount of information regarding his art. Prof. Sotis has trained and researched many Filipino arts including Pekiti Tirsia, Dekiti Tirsia, Sayoc Kali, Kuntao, etc but he is very pragmatic in his approaches to teaching and training. He is also a very good teacher as well!

Stickgrappler, you are making me blush(LOL)!!! When I look back through my training, I feel very lucky to have met and trained with so many people. I always remind my students to take every opportunity to train with the various masters of whatever arts they want to practice. Time passes quickly and these people will not be around for ever. Forget about the politics(who really cares)between the various arts, just get out there and train, while having fun.

Train Hard it is the Way!

Guro Steve L.

Isn't amok a Filipino word meaning to go in a trance and go berserker with a dagger and/or sword?

amok, a. and adv.

[ad. Malay amoq adj., 'engaging furiously in battle, attacking with desperate resolution, rushing in a state of frenzy to the commission of indiscriminate murder... Applied to any animal in a state of vicious rage'; Marsden Malay Dict. Cf. AMOK(E v.]

1. a) adj. or n. A name for a frenzied Malay. (Found first in Pg. form amouco, amuco.)

1. b) A murderous frenzy; the act of running amok.

2. to run amok: to run viciously, mad, frenzied for blood. (Here amok was orig. adj.)

3. fig. Wild or wildly, headlong or heedlessly. (Very rarely with any other verb than run.) Const. on, at, against (with, of).



I study under an eclecticist with a cert in Estokada kali and under Kelly Worden.


I just trained with my uncles who were trained by their grandfather...


welcome to the forum! what is the name of the style? anything you can share about it? preference in technique? range? weapon(s) (stick(s), knife, sword, whip, staff, etc)


Hi Stickgrappler,

No name in particular. They just called it Arnis. My great grandfather was a general back in the Fil-Am war. He taught his sons and apos (grandsons); and when I was young, my uncles made me work-out a lot and taught me some stick, knife and joint-lock techniques. Nothing too fancy that merits ranking. Just the usual stuff you'd see in school. All my uncles who know it are dead so I can't really dig up any info about the style or techniques. And my mom doesn't know too much about her grandfather since she wasn't born during that time. Preference-wise, what I've learned is mostly long range for the stick (hand is the main target), and if the opponent gets close, disarms, joint locks and throws. The itak was mainly for 'taga' and the balisong mostly for slashing (very little pakal techniques). Lots of exercises involved but like I said, my uncles died so I didn't really learn a lot.