Any Floyd May Fans On Teh UG?

James McNair , President of The Money Team, tells us … “When you are associated with Floyd and his businesses anything can happen on any given day that will change your life.”

And, changing his life is exactly what the fan says Floyd did for him.

In fact, Mayweather reached out to the fan – who had to like, RT, and join Mayweverse Discord (JM says they picked up over 75K members in a week), among other rules – directly through Instagram direct message … and broke him with the incredible news.

As for the actual NFTs, Floyd is dropping 5,000 through the Mayweverse (his non-fungible token company) that he designed with McNair … and we’re told it’s a space TBE intends to stay in for the foreseeable future.

“NFT is the future and we are already at the top of the NFT world in terms of design and product. We plan on being in this business long-term. We believe in the NFT community and all that it has to offer,” McNair says.

NFT is gay

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