any gifs from last nights ufc ?

keegan where you @ ?

Penn vs. GSP

lol !



fucked up^



i want that black guy touching me in that way next time i fight. it obvi works. contact info?

Im a real boy - All you noobs who don't train need to shut up. He is pretty clearly rubbing GSP's muscles to try to relax him, it's like Greg Jacksons motivational speaking, he talks like he is talking to a 10 year old, but it works. So, he starts with GSP's foreheard, goes to his shoulders, chest and back. Vaseline apparently now makes fighters speed, take downs, and striking better.

Noob's should not tell other Noob's to shut up. Why can't there be a seperate ground for all TUF noobs.

GSP started the match doing a weird shoulder stretch. he must've been having trouble with it the whole time.

If he really did put vaseline on Georges back, then it's fucked up. But does anyone really think that it made a difference in the way things turned out?

They also wiped it off immediately. And BJ didn't complain until the fight was over. Do you guys REALLY want to see a third fight? C'mon.


Yes so GSP can beat him worse than last night.

 BJ "greasing" in the Hughes fight (or maybe just getting muscles massaged; whichever):

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LOL at all this GSP greasing nonsense, these BJ nutthuggers are the most retarded poeple on this board.


I can't even believe there are nuthuggers that are so blind as to think this even remotely had any effect on the fight and I really don't see any vaseline anyway.

does anyone have a gif of when GSP stole Penn's budo?