Any Info on Cesar Gracie DVD's?

Would like some feed back on this set from Interested in it and the Gurgel set as well. Already picked up Renzo/kukuk and the gholar takedowns. Enjoyed them both. Any info is very appreciated.


Cesar DVD set are real good if you are just starting yor BJJ game.But if you have 2-3 years in really I would not buy them.I believe by watching his fighters fight he should come out with a real advanced series of tapes/DVD' s....Nick Diaz and Gil are excellant fighters

They are a great set of fundamental Jiu Jitsu.

I have been formally training for a few months now. Prior to this was 4 to 5 years of Judo and then some "garage training" from books and videos with some friends. So would it work well for me? I am looking for something to help shore up my basic and help in my progressing towards blue. I know that training once a week does not lend itself to advancing quickly, but that is all my schedule allows for now. So I look for any help I can get.

Thanks Again.

I started watching the Cesar instructionals about 5 or 6 months into my training and got a lot out of them. Cesar's instruction on this series is just outstanding.

Although the discs are broken down into beginning, intermediate and advanced techniques, I think that someone trying to get to the blue belt level should learn everything covered in the series. And at $60, it's an excellent value.

Thanks guys, just the kind of info I was hoping for. (quickly scrawls addition to Christmas list)

I've been training for about a year and a half and still find them very useful.

Like I said they are full of fundemental techniques. I have been training for only 9 months and I didn't have high hopes for this set, but I picked up tons of details on fundemental techniques, which is what I really want from a tape. I want to see things that give me a deeper understanding of fundamentals and help me move towards being able to pull these off on resisting opponets. I am not so interested in pulling off "newer more advanced" moves. Give me fundamentals any day.

I think they are good. He explains a lot of details, and a lot of small positional moves, not just passes, escapes, subs, and sweeps.

On the negative side, I think there is a little too much repetition and you can't skip ahead, each 'volume' is one chapter.

For the price though, they are very good.