Any new conditioning ideas?

I am a high school coach who recently moved into a new practice facility. Our old place was a corner of a gym that had 4 full basketball courts. We could run sprints on the courts and long distance around them. Along with other conditioning we did on the mat. Since then, we have moved to a much better facilty but with much less space (i.e. no more sprinting or distance running on the B-ball courts).

I would like any of you to post any conditioning ideas that you can incorporate into a smaller area, about the size of two full mats.

All that being said, I believe that wrestling is the best conditioning.

Please post any things you do, or even better, things that you HATE!!!


You've probably seen it, but check out the free workouts on

I like or hate 8 count bodybuilders combined with jumprope sprints. As described in Scrappers PT for convicts in Mod 1.

Some things you can do are intense takedowns for 4 mins. (each guy alternating takedowns, as fast as they can). Also after they are done wrestling live have them spin (this is the worst). spin=(one guy in referee position the other guy with his chest to the guys back and you spin/float). Do this for 2 mins, then once done have them stand up and do, double, singles, front heads, etc. Then the other guy spins.

Those are some ideas i come up with off the top of my head, hope that helps