Any news on Sergei Kharitonov?

Is there any new news on Sergei Kharitonov? It has been about five months since he dislocated his shoulder in his fight against Alistair Overeem. I am a huge fan of his and would really like to see him back in the ring.

There was a rumor that he was fighting Coleman at the last Pride, but that never panned out.

Sergei is only about 25 at this point. He's one of my faves and I'd love to see him back in Pride, fighting the top heavies.

A lot of people are down on him after he got trounced, fighting Overeem with just one functional arm in his last fight. Boy, I'd like to see that rematch.

One of my favorites, hope he comes back strong

yeah cant wait to see him fight again

Is he baking a sheet of cookies with Igor?

He looked like crap in his last two fights. He needs to heal up and come back fresh.

Yeah, not tapping out against Alistair was a very bad idea. He took tons of damage and lost some cred. If he had tapped from the injury caused by the fall immediately, it would have been exactly like Barnett/Crocop #1 and Shogun/Coleman -- i.e., a loss no one really considered a loss; just something written off as a fluke.

^ true

I just love Sergei's style. I love his boxing. I love the way he doles out punishment. I love his staredowns. And most of all....

I love the fact that he comes into the ring looking like a cross between Michael Rappaport and Guile from the StreetFighter video game.

Good call on the Guile comparison, lol.....

Definately an entertaining fighter.

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