Any Ohio or NJ Promoters here?

 Chime in

Kerry Schall is involved with ICE fights out of Cincinnati.

Steven Stanton and Jeff Hale run ICF which do a lot of shows out of Northern Kentucky (basically Cincy). Really nice guys. is the other big one, don't know who runs it.

Don't know what you are looking for but those are the three shows in Cincy.

 Thank you Rely--I'll look Kerry up, and mmabigshow. 

Any others?

I do shows in Ohio and I work with several other friends that do shows in all parts of Ohio. I also rent my cage out to several other organizations.
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Chris Larkin

 Chris has got the connections with some of the best shows in Ohio!  he is a great contact...but I am not too bad either.

 Greg Kalikas posts here. He runs NAAFS in the Cleveland area.

 Greg is another guy that is high on the "networking chain" in Ohio.   Right now, the NAAFS is my fav. event!  Well run, good fights, and the promoter really take good care of the fighters. I matchmake for a handful of Ohio events. Camp