any one have Subacromial bursitis?

or had, if so what rehab/pt did you have (what exercises did you perform) and how long did it take before you were back to 100%, also if you can state your level (mild, moderate, severe) and progress I would appreciate it

i have bursitis in my hip

all the DR told me was to ice it down for 15 minutes and take some type of anti-inflammatory- advil,ibuprofen etc.. until the swelling goes down

I have suffered pre-patella bursitis, to the point that the bursa became infected and inflamed to a pouch the size of a tennis ball and needed to be injected with ink and excised. That sucked.

Also had bursitis of the elbow a couple times but nothing like the pain of the knee inflamation.

Never had it in the shoulder yet, touch wood.

Good luck with it.

Thanks, it's on my left shoulder, and it just gets tired,weak, and numb in less than 5min into any exercise I start, randori with the gi, working on stand up, all become very painful.

the days i actually show up to train i take 3 advil about 2 hours before and a couple when i get home