any results from Strassers event?

just lookin' for some results.




was really lookin' for info on the Nick Thompson- Jesse Chilton fight

no no no

this is Strasser's event. Not his fight with St. Pierre. Freestyle COmbat Challenge 16 we're talking about.




Just some quick results. The full results will be posted on Sunday.

Ron Faircloth wins via TKO
John Gerraghty over Justin Wisnewski via KO
Nick Thompson over Jesse Chilton via RNC 3rd round
Emyr Bussade over Adrian Serrano

Huge win for Gerrahty! That is extremely huge. Big props to him.

COngrats to Ronnie and THompson on their victories.

Thompson- lets win another title this year bro.

So what is the card for Madtown Throwdown Pat?



Thanks again for hooking me up! I will hook you & Dave on our Nov 12 8 Man Heavyweight Kickboxing Tournament. It was a great show & very well run!

Nice to see alot people I have not seen in a while.

Great to seeing the Wiscomsin fighting scene thriving in MMA & K1 Style/Muay Thai Kickboxing.

gokartmozart- you got mail bro!

Thanks GoKartMozart,

Cool to chat with you as well. Here is my email to keep in touch.

Duke, Thanks for coming and the kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed the show. I was unable to be there because my son had to wrestle and wasn't finished until 10:30. We will be doing it again in Madison on February 19th at the Alliant Energy Center. Thanks to everyone that made this show another success.

Robert, I will be releasing the entire card for Madtown Throwdown at the end of the week. I have to get confirmation from a few people before I post that they are fighting.

Hey Pat. It's sunday. you said complete results would be posted today. Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately, I will be in Canada for the Gladiators Middleweight 8 Man Kickboxing Tournament the same night as your event.

I will be gone for Dave's next event.

Good luck with your endeavors & keep up the great work!

Freestyle Combat Challenge 17 - 1/9/05 Racine, Wi.

Brian Geraghty over Chase Green - Mounted Triangle R1

Warren Kekabah over Anthony Clause - KO R1

Tommy Lee over Keith Jamison? - Tap to Stikes R1

Joey Clark over Dan Hart - Ref Stoppage? Knees to head R1

John Geraghty over Justin Wisnewski - KO R1

Ron Faircloth over ??? - Tap to strikes 15sec into R1

Francisco Soares over Mark Miller - Dec R2

Bob Gerrits over Jeb Bolware? - KO Slam R1

Nick Thompson over Jesse Chilton - RNC R2

Emyr Bussarde over Adrien Serrano - Guillotine R1

bump for someone filling in Fairlcoth's opponent and confirming Jamison and Bolware (or is just the spelling being questioned?)

The match-up listing had a different opponent listed for Tommy Lee, what I caught from the ring announcer was the last name Jamison, and I thought the first name was Keith.

The original line up listed Jed Boulware as Bob's opponent, the match-up flier we were given at the door listed him only as Jeb the Butcher...I think he was cornered by some of the Gilbert Grappling Guys...but I'm not sure.