Any results from the Pan Am Open in Miami?

On info the USA judo website or IJF website. No broadcast of the finals.

No info, correction.

All the results are available at

There was a livestream of the event, but it was very low quality. Very difficult to tell who the players were as resolution was not high and the cameras seemed like they were at some distance from the action. There was no play by play either. I couldn't handle watching much of the livestream. I guess I am spoiled by IJF webcast events. I wanted to watch the Jack Hatton matches and he lost in the first round so I was done with it for the day early.

USA judo FaceBook posted the results plus the links to Mat 1 and 2 prelims and finals. I watched Day 1 Finals since they announce who is fighting. In 73K Bronze Everet Desilits got injured after a throw. He layed on the mat so if there is an update hope he is OK. Delpopolo fought in the gold medal match and got thrown ( Harai?) for Ippon He fought a another lefty and could not get it going. It surprised me how ineffective he was in his attacks considering his world competition. Will watch day 2 finals tomorrow. thanks.

I gave up on Day 2 Finals. The video was from the corner of Mat 1. Couldn't see the action enough to enjoy it.

Not that I closely follow competitive judo, but I hadn't heard of Everet Desilets prior to this tournament. Props for taking out Miklos. Thought the Hungarian had it in the bag from the onset of the brackets.

Agree, Miklos fights in practically every "A" level tournament and finishes in the top 3. Desilits lost to a Canadian in the Bronze mat and was injured. I see after he was at the Pedro camp training for the world judo championships from the pictures. Not sure what happened to him. Anyone?