Any results from West Coast Tourn?

Please post results of the West Coast Tournament. Any Black Belt fight
results? Pics would be better. Thanks

Should be in a few hours still. I'm anxious to hear the black belt results!!!

Did Dave Camarillo ever get a spot in the BB superfights?

Dave tapped Joao Cunha relatively quickly in their superfight...they circled a bit, Cunha took him down and Dave spun right into an armlock. Not bad for someone who showed up not even sure if he was going to fight. Not sure about the rest of the superfights though.

Thanks for the update, any info on the others?

Awesome tournament with just under 400 competitors that keeps on
getting more and more well run! Quick results and notes:

Black Belt:

Dave Camarillo armlocks Joao Cunha in 1:05.

Cunha goes for the single leg which Dave converts into a modified
flying armlock.

Rafael Lovato Jr. defeats Kurt Osiander by 2-0

In a match with a deliberate pace Lovato Jr. scores the sweep for the

Cameron Earle defeats Paulo Guillobel 5-0

Cameron goes to his guard quickly and scores a sweep, a guard pass,
threatens from side control for a while before the match returns to the
feet, then pulls guard to sweep again to win.

Brown Belt

Luke Stewart defeats Gary Grate in divisional action. Gary Grate goes
on to win the absolute division however.

Purple Belt-

Marcos Alejandro wins both his division and the absolute division!

Kelly Paul wins her match in the Women's only purple belt match of the

More details to come!

Thanks Gumby