Any Scientology fighters out there?

I seen the commercials during an NFL game and waiting for people to start converting over, any fighters yet in this religion? Phone Post

I think Ronda should be the first Phone Post

Fighters don't have a big enough public image, you can't blackmail them into plugging scientology because they are gay like hollywood

I don't think any of them have enough head trauma to fall into Scientology.  Maybe have Chuck get knocked out 30 or 40 more times and maybe he'll cross over.

There are many Scientologist Star Fighters getting ready to battle the evil aliens coming to enslave us.

I once lived across the street from a Scientology "church." No windows, had to have a key card to get in through the gate. Those people are literally out of their fucking minds. Phone Post

If you think Christianity is a big scam.. Phone Post

Yeah... KJ Noons Phone Post

John Travolta might make a run for the title.

Heres the commercial I saw.

I hope to see a fighter thank L. Ron Hubbard post fight someday...I could appreciate that a lot more than all the God botherin' that goes on.