Any Solid Chokes from Mount?

What are the most solid chokes (no-gi) from mount when one arm is around the opponents neck? Please let me know if any references exist for same...any web descriptions or streaming videos?

Thanks to all in advance for responding!


not much you can do with one arm

but grabbing his right shoulder with your right hand and dropping your forearm into his throat will bug him enough to make him give up an arm usually. Dont expect a tap though.

As far as I know from nogi mount the only solid chokes available are the triangle, taking the back and rnc and the armtriangle.

Around the neck as in under his neck? Ezekial. You can still do it without the gi, put the hand of the arm under his neck on the bicep of the other arm and push the forearm of the free arm against his throat.

Occasionally, I get the side choke from the mount (no-gi), but usually, I'm threatening with forearms in the throat and keylocks to make one of my opponent's elbows to rise a bit, and then I slide a knee up past that elbow, near the head, and put my bodyweight on that elbow - you know, one of the standard armbar setups from the mount.

But generally, I just look to f$&k up his arms any way I can ("kill the arms") or forearm his throat, to set him up for something, usually an armbar. One way to kill an arm is to move it across your opponent's chest or throat. Another way to do it is to slide your knee over his bicep.

Ummm, front shoulder choke.

It's not from the exact position you describe, but a lot of people go for triangle chokes from the mount. Can't think of a web reference though...

Any No Gi choke from the mount is going to get you upa'd by anyone with any basic skill. Arm triangle maybe but you finish from the side.