Any Sunday training in Las Vegas?

 I will be in Vegas late tomorrow night for a week or so and was wondering if any gyms have classes on Sundays? Or a reliable open mat?

Maybe Wandfc. Phone Post

Scratch that . Wandy's is closed. Phone Post

guess not, eh? Phone Post

Xtreme Couture Phone Post

Ha! will you be there? Phone Post

Tom Lawlor -  Ha! will you be there? Phone Post

 yeah, not sure if the gym normally opens on sundays, but i can get some guys to train and I'm sure they'd let me open the gym at least for couple hours on sunday. hit me up when you get here.

Someone bring a damn video camera and record this Phone Post

just watch a Vinny instructional, I can't resist much more than a dummy partner. Phone Post

Jesus. Wish I could go watch.

Beep. Phone Post

UG is good