Any tips for bruised ribs?

A long shot, I know, it's just a frustrating and painful injury, as you all know.

Nearly 2 weeks now since a fairly innocuous shot in sparring, right on the sweet spot though and I still can't even take a tap on that side, even doing drills. It's like a cattle prod. I can move ok, it's just any direct contact.

Is there anything you guys know of that might speed things up? Phone Post 3.0

found a magic cream on your wifes dresser that works ? For hemorrhoids or whatever?

Or prehaps a pill for Hayfever that for some reason also gets rid of bruised ribs? Phone Post 3.0

Just gotta rest it mate, I took a left hook right under the ribs.
Was still sore for a month or two. Phone Post 3.0

Rest, but when I clicked this thread I was expecting to respond about braised ribs Phone Post 3.0

I've literally just got back in the gym after a lengthy layoff.

We can make this about braised ribs if you like. Smokey ribs is where it's at though. Phone Post 3.0

martinburke - When you poke around in there, do you feel some hard/crunchy/burning/sharp painful knots between the ribs?

If so, those are probably trigger points. Press it for about 5 seconds, release it for two. Rinse and repeat.

How much pressure to use? On a scale of ten, with one being "I can barely feel that" and ten being "I will find martin and kill him for telling me to do this", press in on them with a 6-7.
Are you kidding? Phone Post 3.0

Prod them?

you want me to prod the bruised ribs? Phone Post 3.0

It's making me short of breath and lightheaded! Phone Post 3.0


Keep your elbows tucked in! Phone Post 3.0