any vale-tudo clubs in toronto?

I know that rebellion works out of (vice versa) a muay thai club. but from what i understand that you are either BJJ or MT. is there any places around toronto that does the whole MMA experience? striking, wrestling, subs, all incorperated into one program?

Shah Franco's Martial Arts has a succesful vale tudo program in place combined with a sport bjj program.

thanks guys! I do like rebellion alot! but from what I saw they either do MT or BJJ classes, not really combining the two and mixing it up with wrestling, striking and submissions. Can anyone give me a # for Shah's? Do they have any pro-fighters there? I deffinatly am shopping around for the best place for my needs. I know all of these schools are top notch, thanks again!

Rebellion Rocks...Paul and Omar are awesome trainers. But there is a difference between, Muay Thai, Bjj and MMA.

If you disagree, then you haven't done all three. Right now, Shah's is the place for MMA. No doubt about it.



I train at Rebellion, but my vote is Shah's for MMA.

Even though I haven't dropped by his place in a really
LONG time, I do know that from having Shah as a coach
(like 10 years ago!!!), the man knows how to develop
your skills.

No doubt.

Moreover, the BJJ skills there have improved
dramatically the past while ... so its the place to be.

But for just Muay Thai or BJJ, Rebellion is da house! : )

Tiger Gym is also another good M.T. club!


Shah's is on Yonge St between York Mills and Lawrence. Rebellion is a great club located near Scarborough Town Centre. I think people should keep an open mind and try a bunch of different clubs before they join one - sometimes a club can be great but an individual just doesn't fit in. Find the place you are most comfortable with. Right now I think Shah's is the only place with a dedicated vale tudo program but I imagine many others are starting to focus on nhb. Remember there is a big difference between practicing bjj/boxing and training for vale tudo.

Shah Franco Martial Arts

3385 Yonge St., at Golfdale, north of Lawrence

on east side of yonge, beside coffee time

416 256-9952

What you described is about right - it does depend on the class of course - different people also need to work on different areas so no class is the same. It is totally fouces on mma sport matches, not for street application although I can't imagine too many guys on the street handling one of our pro fighters.

No website. Just drop by and watch a class or talk to Shah about trying one (there will be a fee involved for that). Any questions just ask here!

they use brass knuckles.. heh

or is it all bareknuckle type fighting?

whats the schedule for Shah's vale-tudo classes? I might be working in that area soon and will try to come by.

as far as I know, it's headgear, pads, gloves, etc.

Shah is a purple belt under Sylvio Behring and world class striker. We also train with Sean Pierson (not your average wrestler).

TTT for Shah

He knows all about fight, check to see.

Sylvio Behring


cool! TTT

damn the only thing i'm worried about is the cash factor! but i will check it out in 3 weeks when i finish my co-op program

guard master why not call and ask?

416 256 9952 even better go and check it out..3385 yonge St at golfdale north of lawrence

see with your eyes

1) Shah's school is fairly small physically (rents are huge $$ in the area) but there is always room.
2) I'm not sure how many bjj students there are - maybe 20 or so. The vale tudo classes are pretty small because most people can't handle it.
3) Shah has been in business for around 10 years (probably more) and has only switched locations once (last year) to a spot about 10 minutes from his last location.

For anything else you want to know just show up. You can't really get a feel for a school without visiting - either watching or joining. His students speak for him IMO - we do well at bjj tournaments and have a number of pro fighters who hold (or have held) IFC/UCC titles. See you soon.