Any way for Byrd to win?

I like Chris as he's always struck me as a good guy, but I dont see how he can win this bout. Can you see any way for him to reverse the outcome of their last meeting? He's seemingly slipping lately and he lacks the power to really hurt anyone. Given that he couldn't outbox Klit. last time they met and couldn't break an egg, what chance does he really have in this bout?

Wlad's weakness is, or at least has been, his chin. The guy is big, strong, and a very good offensive fighter. Byrd has zero punching power, hence he'll be unable to take advantage of Wlad's achilles heal. Not sure if Byrd can really do anything to change the outcome of the last fight.

I think for this fight Byrd is better off adopting a defensive style of fighting instead of trying to trade punches with Wlad.

byrd is gonna get KO'd

watching byrd in his last fight he seemed like a guy who was ready to call it a career. he just seemed fed up with how much people have been booing him. people like their heavyweights to have some pop and all do respect but chris don't. I'll be the first to sing his praises if he pulls this one off but I wouldn't be suprised if he just showed up to collect his last paycheck.

exactly. i saw it from the first as a match Chris agreed to just to get a payday and then take off

Byrd is just gonna duck under Wlad's belt line and accuse him of hitting the back of his head.

in boxing its illegal to dip under your opponent's belt line, did you know that? its interesting which rules get applied and which don't

Jason, word? Well Byrd did that constantly against Golata.

yeah i know. its just like how clinching is illegal but they let it ride, and pushing your opponent is illegal too, but they let that ride. i've lost count of how many knockdowns are "scored" now by guys who just throw a big punch and then shove the guy down

anyway, i remember it cause Tyson used to do it all the time against tall guys and there was some talk at that time that it was technically illegal, not that anyone really cared

Pernell Whitaker could have been disqualified in almost all his fights then.

I like byrd, but his last couple fights he's been stopping the fight to complain to the ref, or shaking his head to the audience when he gets hit with a big shot to say that it didn't hurt. If he focused, he'd be a lot better, but he just hasn't had it for a while. This will be interesting because it will finally be a heavyweight trained by emmanuel steward that he's fighting. So this should be the closest to a byrd/lewis fight we'll see. I agree with bob for Byrds fighting style.

damn, that was one of the ugliest ko's i've seen