Any word on Murray's opponent?

He is still scheduled to fight at the next UFC, anyone know who he's fighting?


Rumor has it that his opponent might be Joe "Diesel" Riggs.

Murray is scared.

I thought he didn't want to fight Riggs, money or something.

And then Riggs came on here and called Murray a 'ducking faggot'. That was some funny shit.

what has Riggs fought in?

lol & ttt @ Riggs

Riggs hasn't faught in the UFC yet, but I heard he's been tearing up the smaller shows.

And he has owned Murray on this forum.

Murray doesn't post on this forum.

"And he has owned Murray on this forum."

Even if Murray would have been posting here that would not have had anything to do with the fight.

It is not always the fighter that decides if he takes the fight, his manager probably made the decision.

Deeznts, Prangley is not the type of opponent they want for Murray. They want someone who will bang with him and that's what Riggs will do.

I think Doerksen would be a good opponent for Murray especially considering the theme of the show is payback and Doerksen gave Murray his only MMA loss. But then again, Doerksen is mainly a ground fighter.

Peter P

bowl cut?

Prangley's haircut looked good to me. The way he took it to Semenov looked even better.


I didn't mean owned in that way. He just came on here and talked some hilarious trash.

As far as I understood, Murray didn't take the fight because they didn't offer him the money he was asking for. I don't think it had anything to do with Riggs.

But if he is signed, I hope they give him a stand up guy, because I want to see some of Murray's now famous boxing ability.

lee vs. doerkson would own!

Lee vs. Gilbert yvel would be the fight I would love to see.

"lee vs. doerkson would own!"

Yes that would be a great fight.

ufc should bring horn in to fight him.

He should fight Buck Greer.

"Lee vs. Gilbert yvel would be the fight I would love to see."

A slight weight difference there.

I heard that the winner of Lee's fight is going to get the winner of Tanner/Baroni, maybe for the title.......

"He should fight Buck Greer."

u must be thinking of another ufc fighters that request who they want to fight. i don't think it is up to lee to pick who he is fighting