Any1 trained at Lion's Den Dallas?

Just curious... I'm looking to start training again and was wondering if anyone on the UG had an opinion about them.


i train at mohler jj but i have only heard good things about the lions den from all the students at mohler

Thanks... do you recommend Mohler? I was really hoping to train at Travis Lutter's school but the schedule is a little tough for me since I work in downtown Dallas and often have to stay until 6. That sort of led me to Lion's Den since it's closer and the classes are later in the evening.

where do you live?

I live right near downtown.


are they still doing those 1000 squat, 500 push up, etc tryouts?

Yikes... hope not. I'm not looking to be on their competitive team, just to train and get back in shape.

It's a very good school..used to train there.