Anybody betting on UFC on FX2?

wow. I can tell you don't make SHITLOADS by the terminology you use. And its ok. I tried to be respectful. You choose to call me retarded, thats fine.

Its a proven fact, parlays lose over time. You can not argue with it. There's math to back all this up

To be fair, I've only worked at casios as a prop poker player. That's what I do. I fly all over the world, even your neck of the woods right now(which I assume is So. Califlornia)for the LA Classic, and play poker. I'm sure I've lost what you consider shitloads on multiple hands in one night and went home and slept like a baby

This thread is now up on a gambling site, they're lol'ing at you buddy not me. No disrespect. But they are professional sports bettors, what would they know

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kingsand8s - I think the Creepy/Mighty Mouse is weak. Johnson should be favored but Creepy had much more value when he was over +300 places. Betting him at the +260ish lines you see now is counterproductive when you have lost 40 points of "value". I'm thinking of a .15 - .2u play on Creepy but just hard to do when he's been betted down on every book. I know Bellagio had him like +250 today, +260 yesterday.

Count me in if he can hit +285ish again

i placed when it was +350 hahaha
What site do you use. None of my sights allow mma parlays. And I'm All In on Uncle Creepy. Gonna be sporting my Hirt for good luck lol. Hope he comes through. Thanks. Phone Post

most sites arent doing parlays for this fight cause the bookies arent very educated much like the dude that worked for casinos, i got em at 350 straight when the odds opened up, google bookmaker and its the first one that pops up i use multiple sites, like i said its my income, i take smart bets, i bet big on my parlays im positive about, and i bet small on the ones i think can hit, ive made a SHITLOAD of money doing it, i posted a picture of just 2 parlays i bet 60 bucks total and won a few hundred. The guy saying parlays are a waste is retarded, thats why he had to get a job at a casino.

LMFAO, you have me rolling. Good shit man, thanks. I know what you mean, there's a lot of money to be made the way you bet your parlays. There's plenty of people that make their income doing this if done the right way, as you are doing. A few of the sights I go trough have a minimum bet but i like and see what your doing, which works when done properly. Phone Post

Dude youre the one acting like a tough guy because someone disagreed with you. I didn't put it on the gambling site. Poker student just texted me and was lurking the UG and saw us having it out. Did it more to make fun of me than to make fun of you.

Chill. I'm not trying to educate anyone. If you are having fun betting parlays, keep doing it. I think that's what life is all about. All I said is there is math to back up my claims that parlays are -EV. Again, I did not make parlays -EV, I did not come up with the math but it is out there.

I did not attack you. Did not call you names. But somehow my life must suck because you got defensive?

Yes no argument from me, that was an epic parlay. All dogs and you won is epic. no if's, and's or but's about it. I know you know your MMA. I lurk here all the time. I read your posts. You know youre shit, no doubt.

I think you would agree you hit at a higher rate than most when it comes to parlays. Prob because you do your homework and just don't bet on your favorite fighters. Would you agree? Thats why most parlays hit the tank. People are enamored with fighters they like and add too many lines to come out with value

I also agree betting parlays are more exciting. Grinding out one bet at a time can get boring but I like the grind. I like the grind in poker. Gambling is my livelihood, I gotta do what holds the most value to pay the bills and to live the way I want to live.

But keep it up dude. I meant no disrespect. Good luck to you

UGCTT_BlahBreh - Basketball comes easier and it's everyday but when it's Mma I wait till weigh ins, I won a grip off Diaz beating cerrone, I take the smart bets and I encourage other people to parlay cause 2 people on a lower risk amount pays out more than 1 bet at straight wager obv and I take advantage of that every day! <img src="/images/phone/apple.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

Do you always wait til the weigh ins? What id something really weak comes along?

Example, Reem vs Brock. Reem opened at -115 at the Bellagio. Hit it for 2u, extremely weak line if I had waited til weigh ins, I'd payed -150 to -160 range.

How do you deal with those type situations? rare, really really weak lines

I see. Good luck dude. I meant no disrespect. I tried to PM you saying so but I was informed I couldn't. best of luck

UGCTT_BlahBreh - parlaying NBA is one of the easiest ways to make $ ever...

There are three NBA games tonight, how would you bet them?

 My thread about betting on Creepy;thread=1965482&amp;page=1#post-38357005

We've got a nice parlay going with Creepy, Kampmann, and McGee.

UGCTT_THE Kevin Chandler -  My thread about betting on Creepy;thread=1965482&amp;page=1#post-38357005

We've got a nice parlay going with Creepy, Kampmann, and McGee.

 Hell yeah!  I'm a cheap ass and only got $20 on it, but I'm in on that one!

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UGCTT_BlahBreh - parlaying NBA is one of the easiest ways to make $ ever...

There are three NBA games tonight, how would you bet them?
There's 4 but I wait and look at the trends to see who's betting what, see how they change than I'm more sure behind my picks. I'll defeinitly do two 2 team parlays and one 4 teamer though like in the last picture. Phone Post
Understood. Your earlier posted parlays are impressive too.

Which website are you using to bet on the entire tournament? 

 im on sportsbook and im not seeing tournament odds...

the page im getting? 

it keeps routing me to the site i posted. i give up 

Sportsbook is now on my goodside forever!

Dear Christian,

As you know, the Johnson Vs McCall fight was not scored properly. There was a huge mistake made by the commission which declared Johnson the winner when in actuality the fight was a draw and suppose to go to the fourth round.

We wanted to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to you as a player. We will not be deducting those winnings out of your account if you chose Johnson as the winner and we will reimburse your funds if you had picked McCall.

We appreciate your patronage. When all other books fail to deliver, we take the time to look after our players and SHINE!

P.S. Don?t forget to get down on Tonight?s Strickeforce Match-ups.


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