Anybody got that Rampage pic . . .

. . . with Chuck on the ground and him howling? I know this caused some problems last week, but I want it for my wallpaper. Thanks in advance!

hello . . .


she has no ass even when she is dropping it like shes hot.


seriously though . . .

thanks guys, for real. That pic is right up there with this:




I like the rampage one better

one punch to K.O and one to wake him up!


I wasn't really comparing the two except on the merit of that "one moment in time" type photo; the ones that capture something perfectly. Both have their own merit. This probably rounds out my top three:

Lol...Chuck looks like he's posing for a Renaissance painting.

why was this pic removed before?

lol at the tellow frog. That is actually appropriate in this case.