anyone been to korea?

 has anyone been to korea? if so, how was it and what's good there?

u can taste the kim chee as soon as u walk off the plane.

Many nice looking wimins.

Taxi drivers who make ernhart, gordon, wallace look like babies.

And there are a LOT of koreans there!

PUSAN was great last i was there ~93

kinda drove allova, but only running around hitting up commo troops, spent most time in Pusan area and songton.only spent 2 mos there, mostly busting my ass working

Green Street BROTHELS!!! T Street BARS AND WHORES!!!. Get haircut....TRUST ME FREN :D food everywhere, i always looked off the beaten track for mom&pop places to eatandeatandeat OH MAN :O

Driving...."Haul ass GI!" otherwise you lose. best use transportation, taxi FTMFW! sit in suicide seat and enjoy fren.

GREAT FOOD, WIMMINS AND BARS!!! my friend was thinking of footing my plane ticket with his miles last year, but now we considering mainland for rifle training.....i miss korea *weeps

i don't miss that place AT ALL.

fragile - Seoul? Start with Soju kettles at the top of the alley in Itaewon. Ask for a double, then do it again. You'll be in good company with all of the Army kids.
Wait til after curfew and make friends with the dirty english teachers from UK, Aus, and N. Dakota.
There is a club scene if you can get some local help. My experience is limited, but if you just get out at night and buy a round or two first, the locals are pretty cool.

Holy good advice and lurker alert!

thanks for your input.

Honald you going Corea?

 Get in taxi, tell him "mi wanty go Oh Pal Pal".  Bring cash.

"mi wanty go..."


made me spit monster lo ball allova my balls!

fake chinaman ching-chong engrish FTW in any asian country LOL

 thanks for the advise.

jimmy- thinking of going there. was going to head to seoul area.


u could be going back to japan. why korea again?

Because k-girls are prettier? ;)

lol! r we talking cheekbones here?

Despite the upsurge in plastic surgery, historically, K-girls have had nice natural tits.

in my humble experience, the well fed jgirls have good tits, just they starve themselves constantly.

kgirls eat. plenty.

FCTV808 - u could be going back to japan. why korea again?

 I wanted to try something new. Never been to this country, so i'm curioust to see what is greater. Jchics or Kchics.

kchicks sex better than troof frens!

 we will see frend. we will see... hah

PS: i really wanted to try some authentic k food also.

Went there during the 88 Olympics. It was a zoo. Hot as hell, cab drivers make Dale Sr. seem like a wimpy driver. Food was SPICEY! Merchants were uber aggressive. Didn't have the chance to sample night life, went with two sisters and parents and were forced to go on the tours. Had shitty tix for olympics, Pake father wouldn't spring for Bball or track and field.

Which events did you get to watch?

ehhhh, korea?? ana hah say ohhhh , cum sum i daahhh??? snago ni cho buru dahy gay yo!!!

ehhhh, korea?? ana hah say ohhhh , cum sum i daahhh??? snago ni cho buru dahy gay yo!!!