Anyone else expecting a lot of upsets tomorrow?

 Im taking BJ, Rivera, and I think Siver might actually be able to pull off a real big upset.

  BJ always wins when he shouldn't  except to GSP and I always thought someone with good hands and really good bjj would be able to beat Fitch.<br />
<br />
Bisping is going to get KO'd.  No doubt about that one.<br />
<br />
I think the only hole sotoripolous has in his game is his standup.  I dont think he will be able to get it to the ground and Siver will eventually get the TKO.

Seriously thought this was a troll thread about people paying for this card....

that being said, a bunch of us are still doing it. At this point it's the one time a month we all plan on getting together, drinking, bullshitting, whatever, and the fact that fights are on make it a bonus.