Anyone else feel sad for Vitor?

man... he had the eye of the tiger... and all the talk about Jesus and God... and then getting front kick knocked out like that in round 1, i feel kinda sad for him. i hope he gets another title shot eventually

hes done

Even Jesus didn't know Silva had that kick in his toolbox.

Worst day ever, was bullied at the weigh ins then demolished in the fight..

 you can take Jesus into the octagon with you if you want, but you never know if he's there or not. 

one person who was there, though.


front kick KO to the FACE

He's a grown man. No. Phone Post

PR - Even Jesus didn't know Silva had that kick in his toolbox.

Kind of funny, but can we stay away from that talk?

Sucks for him i really wanted vitor to win Phone Post

He can probably take out the majority of the other MWs.

Very sad.

Yes Im quite sad as a Vitor fan, wanted to see him win it.

He'll be back. He's a very talented fighter, and got beat by the best of the best.

Nah, he was well compensated for his 4 minutes of work.

Employer - front kick KO to the FACE

It landed on the chin.


Absolutely. He will be back. Phone Post

Yah. Been following Vitor since his first fight in the UFC. Hes a legend whos best days are behind him.

The Phenom.

tbh i think that vitor was doing good in the fight, i really think he will be back, he looked waaay more confident and fast as fuck.

Vitor didn't have Steven Stegal in his corner. That was the determining factor my friend...