Anyone else hate watching cung le?

I am just starting to get into watching K-1 and really enjoy it,but the rules that go along with cung le fights are horrible. My first problem is the takedowns they really do nothing as far as damage to the opponent, they only seem to slow the fight way down. Are boxing gloves best used for takedowns? This is much like that stupid spike tv sport "slamball" where you mix two relatively good things and come up with something awful i.e.. grappling and kickboxing

Cung le rules,as I call them, make for a very unentertaining and un-K-1 like fight with little chance for a knockout due to the takedown slowdowns.

What do you think?

its called san shou (spelling)rules

i enjoy watching his matches. i think hes real exciting and skilled.

What annoys me is that he's a big fish in a very small pond. Can anyone name any other good San Shou fighter? Probably not, because he's the only one. He fights against either non-kickboxers or kickboxers who have never fought San Shou style.

Donnie: Hopefully with it being shown on K1 ppv the sport will grow. Royce and Rickson started as big fish in a small pond and look how the competition has grown.

Donnie Darko,

maybe you are right, the lack of competition is what makes his fights suck. Regardless it is very hard to watch his fights; I hate the huge slowdowns in the fight. I equate the "takedowns" to a heavy wieght fighter that constantly holds, very boring.

I suggest watch some shootboxing(kb/mt+takedowns+standing submissions). I don't find it boring at all to watch-on the contrary. And a suplex or huge hip throw is great entertainment value.

But each to their own

I'm sure they could get some Russians in there against Cung Le if Draka is still going on, and if there are any San Shou guys from China who are Cung Le's size. There must be some, since Cung Le had a loss as an amateur in China.

I think he's a talented fighter, but the san shue rules almost guarantee his victory. It's like someone training their whole life in a narrow skill like batting at cricket. Those skills are quite similar to the skills of a baseball batter, but if you put Mark McGuire in a cricket pitch, he'd be embarrassed because he's batting under completely different rules.

I like to see Cung Le could compete at the real level of kickboxing or MMA, not just under the specific rules that he, and but a few other fighters compete under.

I love watching Cung Le. I wish more people would train in his "gimmick" and give him a run for his money, because he is badass.

"I wish more people would train in his "gimmick"

They do, the vast majority of them are not in America.

I like watching him, I think he is a good person as well as very sklled in his trade.

I didn't read past the first couple posts in this thread, but the ones I did read are correct....

So few people train San Shao that it's like an exhibition match each time he fights. Just not competitive. I didn't see tonights fight, but I'll bet it was one sided.

lobo: yes

I like sanshou.

If Volk Atajev loses some weight, I think Volk can give him a good match. Liu Hailong of China, who recently won the IKF title has been waiting for a fight with him for awhile. In tonite's fight, Brian Warren of Shark Tank did ok until he was thrown, but they did no damage to him. The thing with the Suplexes in Shootboxing is that they seem to hurt more. Throwing for points does seem cheesy to me, also, which is why I rank Rampage's slams above all else.

There is the possibility of a legbar or ankle lock after the scissor takedown, but it's kind of like a rolling kneebar, it's all or nothing.

Cung Le is a big fish in a small pond, I think the fight he had before this one was against a guy with no sanshou training. He's one of only a very few gyms that teach sanshou in North America. He's never won a world championship, so there are guys better than him out there, why doesn't he fight them here in the states?

I'd like to see him fight a thai match, I don't think he'd last too long, his actual standup striking seems suspect. Whenever he gets hit, he goes for this throws, which are good for kickboxing, but put him in Greco or judo and he'd get smoked.

The next logicla step for him would seem to be either

1) fight a legit thai fighter in his weight class
2) try a pro judo match

or the most logical option:

3) go into mma.

Him going into other venues and winning would spread sanshou a lot more than him beating on tomato cans and people he's already fought and beat in not even close contests.

i think cung le would do really well in MMA. he's basically a better version of Shonie Carter. he'd be just as exciting, but probably do better.

I love how they always bill him as the "San Shou Champ"... um... no... be won a bronze medal at the San Shou Championships... that would make him the third best.

I hate watching his fights... his opponents are tailor made and hand picked.

The announcers were saying "We've never seen him hurt" and you wont if he has his way. Let's be honest... talented? Hell yes. A warrior? Not even close.

He has all the attributes to succeed. He's explosive, quick, and strong. I would love to see him in a few mma matches before he retires. I think he's trained ground fighting for a while. Didn't he train with Frank back when he was up North? Didn't he also train w/ Ralph?