Anyone else think Cormier can win the Grand Prix?

I think he can beat Big Foot due to his speed and wrestling. Also, I don't think Barnett or Kharitonov will be able to get him down long enough to work a submission. I honestly believe he can pull out decisions in his next 2 fights if he decides to go the route of takedowns and top control.

Why would Barnett or Kharitonov need to take him down? They would KO him standing.

<blockquote>orcus - Why would Barnett or Kharitonov need to take him down? They would KO him standing.</blockquote><br /><br />He can take both of them down if he wanted. He is probably one of the best wrestlers in the HW division. Also, he has good foot movement. I think he will surprise people the way Eddie Alvarez surprised everyone in the Dream Grand Prix.




 Possible, but I do not see that happening.

I certainly don't like his odds, but yes it's possible.
The draw against Bigfoot is certainly winnable and Sergei is also beatable.
Barnett will/would take him out, though. There aren't too many ways he'd be able to win that fight.
I'd say his best odds are beating Bigfoot and hoping Sergei hits a home run against Barnett.

I'd like to see Barnett win it but Cormier is a close second Phone Post

The gap in skill between Cormier and the rest of the competitors is less vast than people think. Cormier's speed will shock people when he fights Bigfoot and his take down defense will also be put on display. People saying he has zero chance will either turn into excuse factories or dick tuck and jump on his band wagon if he wins. Phone Post