Anyone ever had a broken ankle?

I broke my fibula (sp?) just above the ankle and had surgery yesterday. Doctor said about 3-6 months till a full recovery....anyone had a similar injury in the past? Any thoughts on recovery time?




Hey Travis, heard about that last week. Sorry to hear it. Hope you get back in action at 100% soon.


if you had surgery to repair it.. im assuming a plate or screws were put in.. those are gonna have to heal into the bone.. you are looking at no less than 3 months i think.

do the rehab as if there was no tomorrow.

Heal well Travis.

The number one cause of second injuries is not following the doctors orders during'll feel stronger and get the urge to do'll think everything is fine and want to extend it farther, lift more weight or twist it just a little more...

don't do it...i had a shoulder said 3 took a year..a whole freakin' year..why? cause i THOUGHT i could do different than what the Doc said...

heal well....