Anyone ever sat in partially obstructed view?

 thanks to the scalpers my friends and i will be sitting in the partially obstructed view section since i went for cheap tickets. im imagining a giant pole completely blocking some peoples' view. or is it just a bit of an annoyance but no big deal?

No big deal. There are huge screens everywhere.

 yeah i know but was just wondering if u can at least see the cage a bit lol.

i had a obstructed view seat when eilers fought arvoloski and they were the best seats i've ever had for a ufc. Only problem was that we were behind one of the screens so the cage view was awsome but everything on the screen was in reverse. Really no biggie at all and the tix were like 35 bucks

had obstructed view at the Boston PPV. We had one of the giant big screens that they put up in the stands in front of us. Seats sucked, couldn't see the cage but we bought our tix through Joe Lauzon so one of the guys from his gym that organized it went down and got us comped seats for a better section. But there were a ton of seats and the new section we got was completely empty so that's probably why we got the comped seats, so it might depend on that.

 For a Dodgers playoff game I sat with the right field foul post in my biggie really.

For UFC, at UFC 57 me and my friend sat almost all the way up behind one of the big screens. The backside of the cage was right where our view would've been obstructed so we were still able to see everything. Mandelay bay is such a great spot to watch fights at. It's small enough that almost every seat is good.

There was a diff UFC (I think 58) where we were the row behind the production crew who decides what gets replayed was so hard being in semi nosebleeds to not just watch their monitors. That was probably the most distracting.

 lol so either im gonna not be able to see at all or its gonna be like a movie theater with far away cage view

 lol tickets have seats on them. cheap seats are gonna be packed i presume

Spent $200ea for tix for my wife and I to see Randy and Chuck's 2nd fight (@ MGM Grand).

The lighting superstructure obscurred both screens that would've allowed us to see the action in the cage...and I hadn't realized that the $200 seats were so far away.

 In Boston, I moved my seat to an entire section that was obstructed by a giant screen/poster.  Every single seat in that section was horrible, except the very first row.  Which was awesome cuz I didn't have any douchebags behind me spilling beer everywhere.

Partially obstructed can mean a whole spectrum of things.

i have no idea what would be considered partially obstructed in the bell centre...

At UFC 117, partially obstructed view seats were blocked off...