Never?? Man it is weird to think that was before some people saw MMA. Honestly that doesn't seem too long ago to me....I may be getting old LOL.

Didn't they do almost the exact same routine in the Pride ring? I remember Wallid Ismael getting in the middle of them acting like a moderator.

This is the pre-fight pressconference leading up to their fight in Pride.
Shamrock seems to hate pretty much everyone :)

Ken is just trying to sell the show. I LOL when I see people say that is genuine shit talk. Ken is crazy but he is pretty easy going in real life as long as he is not training you.

BTW he did break both don's ankles. Don didn't tap and he admitted he was completely wasted on painkillers also. Plus he had his ankles taped up like crazy so Ken couldn't move them. Also I thought under Pride rules that Ken did more to finish.


yeah poor Ken, he is always talking all the shit and always gets smoked


Is'nt that Vince Torelli in that clip ?

I remember watching this live. Ken and Don are some of our favorite and most cherished fighters in our circle. That fight had us all on edge and jumping out of our seats.

Great hype, great staredown, good fight. Frye refusing to tap to Ken's heelhooks and Shamrock seemingly woken up by the ground after being nearly KOed... Willpower and ego at its best.

Many great fights in the past were "meaningless for the rankings". It was about pride, not about the belt. Most fights should be about rankings and the belts, but not all of them.

I know I'd pay to see a rematch, or to see Coleman vs Couture, or Bas vs Randelman 2, or Ken vs Tank. And besides Couture none of these guys are Top10 anymore.


"I'm gonna be in there to die" -Shamrock

Someone seriously needs to talk to him about some of the stuff he says at these things

Am I the only one that noticed that Ken Shamrock's eyes were all red and bloodshot before, during, and after the fight ? I don't think I ever noticed this on Ken before, but it seems like he either hasn't slept in 4 days or had an eye infection or something ?

I was thinking lack of sleep, pink eye, conjuctivitus (in both eyes ?), or possibly side effects from coming off a cycle and doing clomid and or Nolvadex which has been known to cause all kinds of eye problems in certian individuals. Sounds crazy, but seeing Ken's face in the 1st post reminded me of this.


Damn, someone beat me to the Magnum PI reference.